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Austin Smith

Investment Advisor


I am a driven and collaborative real estate professional who takes careful accountability for client needs and puts emphasis on creating meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

I have an innate capability to lead, and I capitalized early by starting and running my own painting business in Denver from which I gained real-world exposure to basic business and marketing principles. Through internships at commercial real estate, mortgage lending and financial consulting firms, I acquired a more diverse array of knowledge and created value for clients in multiple niches. I gained experience in database management, financial analysis, market research, accounting and more.

As an Investment Advisor in commercial real estate, I bring an empathetic state of mind to work every day and take the time to really understand clients’ investment needs and desires. I take pride in being a team player and bringing energy to all facets of my work life. I have a strong work ethic and the ability to adapt to any situation in an industry where things move fast.

Education: University of Colorado РBoulder | Leeds School of Business | B.S., Business Finance