What “Nexus” means

Nexus means connections. Nexus means we’re all about connecting with people. Over the past decade, our team has worked on both sides of the buying/selling table as well as in management, refurbishing, positioning, analysis and a multitude of other niches. In short, we meet a lot of people; and when we do, we form lasting partnerships. We value our relationships with both clients and our colleagues in the business, and our deep network of buyers, sellers, vendors, contractors and more is there to assist you through every step of your wealth-building journey.

We provide buyer/seller representation and advisory services for multi-family owners along the front range in Colorado. With our collective experience over the years in Multifamily, we have built up a robust database of these types of buyers and sellers. This serves as a major advantage when it comes to helping you find the right buyer for your property or the right investment to achieve your wealth goals and objectives. As a team, we have done more than $500 Million in Multifamily deals.

Buyer/Seller Representation

Nexus Commercial Realty will advise you in every step of the way during the selling or buying process. We can help you with all types of sales including 1031 exchanges, estate sales, syndications, family partnerships, … Continue reading Buyer/Seller Representation

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Advisory Services

At Nexus Commercial Realty, we pride ourselves on taking more of an advisory role that helps our clients  achieve their goals.  This may or may not be a sale of an asset.  We can advise … Continue reading Advisory Services

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Why Hire Us

We are Real Estate experts who guide our clients toward profitable investments designed to help them reach their lifestyle and wealth goals and objectives.

Why we do it

To serve our clients in their wealth building process and help them achieve their investment goals. Whether that be producing cash flow, capital appreciation or wealth preservation we will meet our clients needs in those areas.


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